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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

silver linings


My little guy is still home sick, and the sky is whitish gray and I still feel a bit lost in the thicket of my current book...


I just spent half an hour talking to a very lovely and generous interviewer about JUSTIN.

First of all, just talking about Justin makes me smile. I love that boy so much! He is so much stronger, sweeter, funnier, and braver than he realizes.

But on top of that, I remembered, during the conversation, what I have learned from Justin -- that being brave doesn't mean being fearless, but rather doing what you need to do despite being scared.

So -- armed with that, I feel much more ready to face this day. I just got my son settled in his bed surrounded by his books, stuffties, and knights. I opened a window to smell the lovely May rain, to enjoy it instead of curse it. And now I will dive back in to my current book, draft nine (nineteen?)... and I will pretend to be brave until I actually am.

How about you? Any big plans for today?

Rachel Vail

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