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Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Teen Me

I was invited recently to write a letter to my teenage self.

Here it is.

Rachel Vail

PS also just got big news -- Flabbersmashed won a Charlotte Zolotow Honor Award! More on this tomorrow.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

sneak preview!

Want to start reading KISS ME AGAIN right now, for free, to see if you even like it before you take the plunge and run right out to your bookstore (or click here, whatever) to purchase multiple copies?


You got it. Click here for your free reading pleasure, to go straight to the first section of the book.

Rachel Vail

PS just found out that KISS ME AGAIN was chosen as an Amazon Best Teen Book of the month for January, too! Thanks, twitter friends! You know who you are... how would I know anything without you???

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

I'm still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Though sometimes now I sit. Ahhh. What a glorious thing to do. Even went saw Les Mis (the movie) which required more sitting than I'd thought I could possibly do, just a week earlier.

I hope your New Year so far has been hugely joyous and successful.

And that it continues just that way.

I have been thrilled to get a bunch of really nice end of the year news, like books of mine on BEST OF 2012 lists, including the new JUSTIN CASE in the Boston Globe,


and the brand-spanking new KISS ME AGAIN

from both Amazon (who listed it as a best book of December, 2012 even though it wasn't coming out until this week -- on December 26th!) and also this one from Meg Cabot, whom I adore.

(I will definitely be following up on all her other suggestions, btw -- how about you?)

Also my older kid got into his first-choice college, which was hugely wonderful.

(we celebrated.)

Do you make resolutions? I do. What are yours?


1. Be more patient (I have resolved this every year since I was 10. IT IS NOT WORKING which pisses me off because I am VERY IMPATIENT and want to become patient RIGHT NOW.)

                                                        (my tortoise, my role model)

2. Do my stretches every day/become extremely strong and fit (so far so good on the stretches. However, I am not noticeably stronger or fitter than in 2012 yet though which is really pissing me off because, well, see above. It is January SECOND already. Come the heck ON, strength and fitness!)

                                                                 (not me. yet.)

3. Enjoy each day. (Again, so far so good. Each of my kids cracks me up many times a day so that makes this resolution much easier.)

4. Finish both the books I have due this year. (shut up. I just got back from vacation. It's not even afternoon, okay, but it is just newly afternoon on January second. Fine, fine. Back to work I go. Luckily I am working on a new JUSTIN CASE book so, see number 3.)


Much love to all of you...

Rachel Vail