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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year/ New blog

Happy (belated) New Year!

I keep meaning to blog, but then I have so much to say, I just put it off for another day...

But here goes with a few things, just for starters:

Isn't this new format nicer? Hooray for Magda, who runs everything around here.

Spent some time emailing today with Meg Cabot.

She is so funny, I was literally laughing out loud reading her email, which would normally be fine, but I was at a cafe at the time. Got some odd looks.

Then tonight I went to a book signing/party for Carolyn Mackler, whose new book, Tangled, just hit stores! It looks and sounds fantastic -- I can't wait to start reading my copy (tonight, I hope!)

And now I am home, and just found out about this: my book Do-Over was banned -- again! I learned this from an article in School Library Journal. http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6715241.html

The weird thing is, it's tucked into an article about a challenge to the picture book And Tango Makes Three that was successfully overturned.

Here's the mention:
While voting to retain this story, NKCS has removed other books from school libraries, including a nonfiction drug awareness series in the 2008–2009 year because of inaccurate information, says Burton, as well Rachel Vail’s Do Over (Scholastic, 1992), which deals with issues including bigotry and divorce.

Okay, so a nonfiction drug awareness book was removed because it had inaccurate information. I'd say that's a good call. Do-Over was removed -- why? Because it deals with issues including bigotry and divorce?

Huh???? Does that make ANY sense to you? Any librarians, parents, or kids have any insights to share about this? Honestly -- I am not at all sure what to think about this story.

Some days, like today, I admit to finding the world very, very odd.

How about you?

Anyway, hope your year is starting off well. Mine mostly is.

Oh, particularly because, as I pound away at my new book (can't talk about it yet) I am starting to hear exciting things about the new books coming out this spring:


and -- here's the cover for the first time on this blog...

Justin Case!

What should we do for contests/giveaways? Ideas happily accepted...


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