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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Poem (or Invention) by me and my son Z

What There Needs to Be

There should be a thing

Like Google

Where you could type in

What is that poem I was thinking of


Who is that actor who was in that thing with that guy I like who isn’t Michael Cera

And it would tell you.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Are you on vacation yet? Any plans? If you could go anywhere/do anything on your vacation this year, what would you do?

I would definitely go someplace warm and sandy where lovely people would bring me fattening drinks with little paper umbrellas in them.
Instead I am going someplace cold and snowy where lovely people will ask me to bring them
toast slices with peanut butter on them.

But there is something wonderful about that, too. (She reminds herself.)

Speaking of nonsequators, I got some good news today: JUSTIN CASE was selected as a Best Early Novel of 2010! Here's the link to that fantastic announcement:


AND... it's still in the running for a ReadKiddoRead Book of the Year Award -- but it's got some stiff competition... not mentioning any names but JUSTIN's worthy competition include some of the top bestsellers in kids' books and series... so stand tall, JUSTIN! You are the new kid on the block and still hanging in there.

If you vote for JUSTIN, at this link


I'll be so happy. As happy as if I had an umbrella drink? Maybe.

And that is pretty darn happy.

What would make you happy this season? Peace, love, health, and...???

Rachel Vail

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something Else to Feel Thankful For

Even post-Thanksgiving, I think it's important to retain a feeling of gratitude.

Even when your little kid is crampy and STILL not feeling like himself after WAY too long, a person must find things to feel lucky about.

Even if a person's back is in a tight knot so she is tilted 40 degrees forward, walking like her old social studies teacher from high school, one must remember that life is good.

Even when the news is depressing and the weather is crappy, and and and... no matter what, it is important to find a way to look at the bright side.

Which is why it is lov
ely to have been shown this website by my big kid. It is a whole website of Kim Jong Il Looking at Things.

Why this makes me unspeakably happy I am not 100% sure, but wow, it so does. You?


Rachel Vail

PS I must go to sleep now. I will have to write about our own family Hanukah Miracle tomorrow or over the weekend. Meanwhile, for those who are celebrating, have a happy one...