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Friday, May 28, 2010

InkPop -- live blogging tonight!

I'll be answering questions today -- and live starting at 5 PM tonight, at Inkpop.com - come on by and ask away!

Here's the link:


In between prepping for this (so exciting!) and finishing my unpacking from Spain, I will be down/uploading some pictures from the trip... so come back later no matter what! This one is a start: it was my lunch in Girona with a new friend named Tania -- tea and cava (which is the lovely Spanish version of Champagne). The two major food groups! Lunch of champions!

Let's talk later...

Rachel Vail


  1. Oh no, I've missed it! Is there possibly going to be a transcript of the chat available? I would've loved to hear what you had to say and I feel absolutely horrid I'm almost a million years late.

  2. Ooooh, you were in my country! Unfortunately, Girona is pretty far away from Madrid... But tell me when you visit again! I'm so glad you liked it and had a great time!

    Laura (Spain)

  3. Laura -- I love your country! Will definitely let you know if I'm in Spain, esp Mardrid...

    Priscilla -- not sure if there will be a transcript -- it was a very lively conversation; sorry you missed it. Maybe we will have to do another, soon!