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Monday, May 17, 2010

Just over a week until BRILLIANT comes out!

... and here is my first review, from Kirkus!

This final book in the Avery sisters trilogy (preceded by Lucky, 2008, and Gorgeous, 2009) centers on introverted Quinn, the oldest and most responsible of the three. On the surface, Quinn is dealing well with her family’s losing their home and many of their possessions, but her first-person narration shows a fair amount of inner turmoil. Not entirely sure of how to deal with the feelings no one expects her to have, Quinn engages in reckless boy-kissing and party-going. The only boy she’s really interested in kissing, however, is her piano teacher, college student Oliver. Her insecurities about herself and her future lead her to make poor but understandable choices about her friendships and romances. Quinn’s intelligence, which she expresses while still sounding authentic and often funny, allows for full exploration of her mixed feelings. Her calm nature also plays well against the personalities of her high-strung sisters. Vail ends this trilogy on a high note, one that should especially resonate with teens whose lives have changed with the economy. (Fiction. 12 & up)

Hooray for ending on a high note! My mom the soprano will be so proud.

Meanwhile, though the book is not yet in stores, a wonderful and very generous young woman named Julia is about to read BRILLIANT, because she was the winning bidder in the auction to raise money to send down to Nashville, apres le deluge. Don't tell her, but I will be including some extra goodies in the package I'm sending out tomorrow, to thank her for her generosity...

It's been such a crazy month, and I leave for Spain on Wednesday -- but when I get back, I think we will have to do some give-aways and contests, to celebrate: craziness, and spring, and books, and romance, and pretty shoes, and conquering worries... and whatever else you want to suggest. I am always up for celebrating. Whatcha got?

Rachel Vail

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