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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BRILLIANT comes out today!

... and here I am, in Spain!

It's really wonderful here. My husband and I are having a terrific time. I will post some pictures of Spain, when I get back, and I'll be signing BRILLIANT at BEA in NYC on Thursday -- so there will be plenty of celebrating to do then, for sure!

But I have to admit, it feels weird to be out of the country, and not visit my local bookstores to see my new book on the shelf. I hadn't even realized this was my Pub Day ritual until just now!

I guess I always just pop in on Pub Day to my local bookstores (how lucky am I to be able to use the phrase "local bookstore" in both plural and first-person possessive? A moment of thanks for that!!!)

The day each of my books comes out, I visit -- to check, to loiter, wondering if a random stranger will stop in front of my brand-spanking new book and pick it up. This actually happened, once, and I was unable to even approach the person to say, "that's my new book!" I just stood there, behind her, shaking. I guess she could feel me there; she turned around, looked alarmed -- or perhaps concerned? -- and put my book down to hurry away. I like to think she was going for medical assistance for me. Rather than just bolting the weirdo. She probably came back and bought the book. Later. Right?

But anyway, since then, I try to play it safe by going with a friend. It's more celebratory that way, anyway. Also I am less likely to scare off innocents if my friend is saying, "your new book!"

But here I am, in Spain! I can't go visit any of MY local bookstoreS today at all.

Can you?

Wait. that's a good idea. Will somebody go for me? Take a picture of BRILLIANT if you see it on the shelf (or get it in your hands?) and post it here for me?

That would be so cool. In fact, I will send free signed bookplates to any and all who post a picture with BRILLIANT this week.


Rachel Vail

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