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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paperback Pub Day!

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Look inside! (says Amazon) -- it's ready for you today!

To celebrate today, the paperback publication day for JUSTIN CASE, I am heading to a pub.

Well, not really. Or maybe later? Right now I am working.

BUT: today, to celebrate -- it is the last day for you to sign up for the drawing to win a free copy!

You can sign up right here -- all the names are going into a hat (or possibly the popcorn bowl, we shall see) tomorrow, and my kids will pick the lucky winners. You can sign up to try to win a free copy of JUSTIN or of BRILLIANT -- or, what the heck, both if you want.

You can tell a worry you have, or a cause you support, or write a haiku, or tell your favorite color/dessert/song/type of shoes/summer drink... -- or just your name and which book you'd like.

Rachel Vail

PS If you buy a copy of any of my books before June, post a picture of yourself holding the book and I will send you a FREE OTHER BOOK to go with it, automatically.

As long as I am going to the post office, anyway...

1 comment:

  1. Matthew Cordell does not smell,
    he reeks of pen and ink.
    Call me crazy, call me mad,
    but oh how I love that stink!

    Katharine Mitchell
    Three cheers to Justin Case!