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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catching up

Has your summer started yet? Or are you still finishing up with school, work, etc?

We're hanging out with pals here... enjoying the city...
And the country...

And the longer days...And then, also, getting down to work.

Any wonderful plans for the summer?

I am going to write a book, exercise every day, have fun with friends and family, sit in some cafes, send out books to the WINNERS of the DRAWINGS, and maybe learn to waterski.

Well, those are my goals. Not sure I will achieve all of them. Feeling pretty confident about the cafes and the fun, though... and I WILL get to the post office very soon...

How about you? What do YOU want to do this summer?

Rachel Vail


  1. Have a really nice summer, Rachel. I'm going to the French coast to study French for three weeks. And also write. And read. A lot. And exercise, of course. Though I do love sitting in cafés.

    Great plans yours too, enjoy!


  2. Wow, Laura -- that sounds just about perfect. Hope it exceeds your hopes.