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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Back in the mid-1980's, I was in an Irish pub in NYC with my friend Leslie. Behind the bar was a handwritten sign that said "FREE JOE DOHERTY". So, of course, when the bartender came by to see what we wanted, Leslie said, "What the heck, we'll try a couple of Joe Doherties."

The bartender looked baffled. She pointed at the sign. She wasn't kidding; she wanted the Happy Hour Free Specials.

The bartender doubled over laughing and gave us a couple of free beers instead, so everybody was happy. Well, Joe Doherty was maybe not so happy. But, of course, he was in jail.

Anyway, FREE BOOKS! Not a political slogan -- just, if you want a free copy of the newly released paperback of JUSTIN CASE -- or BRILLIANT -- since both are coming to bookstores THIS WEEK!!!! -- just post here, and, on MAY (not June; June? can you tell I was ready in that last post for summer to come?) 25, I will choose a random lucky winner of each.

Since I am now including BRILLIANT as well as JUSTIN CASE, please post something (a haiku or a hello or a favorite beverage or political cause or month or snack food) along with the title of the book you'd like to be entered to win!

The drawing draws near...

Rachel Vail


  1. Lol! Rachel I was totally teasing you about the June thing. I, too, am ready for summer. Where is it already?!

    This is a toughy since I'm equally interested in both, but since JUSTIN CASE is the first in his series, I will stick to my guns in going for the JUSTIN CASE raffle. Besides, I'm a sucker for middle grade. Don't judge me; I love laughing! :D

    Anywho, this is fantastic in any case. Sometimes, I love authors simply because of their books, but I really love your personality. Authors are the coolest celebrities because they're always connecting to us readers in a non-superficial "this is for my fans" kind of way. I mean, I love Usher as much as the next guy, but if he shout-outs to his fans one more time... Hahaha!

    Take care, Rachel! I'm anxiously awaiting summer WITH you.
    ~Deserae McGlothen

  2. I love, love, love Lucky and Gorgeous. Because of this, I want to read Brilliant, if it's 1/2 as good as the first 2 books, I will dance for joy. I'm a senior who just graduated highschool last Sunday. I can't wait to go swimming or hiking or something. Problem is, I live in IL. The weather does not want to cooporate with me. May is my favorite month because it is usually the month in which Spring really comes to life. I love to see the flowers bloom! This May has been especially special becuase I graduated in it. Now if only it would get warm! I love spring, but I need to go swimming! Where are you summer?

  3. hahaha, my bad, I forgot to post my name :P
    I'm Chlesea Carson.
    Thanks again for doing such a cool contest. I agree with Deserae, authors are the best celebrities! :)