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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Look what I got! And a free book for you?

The paperbacks of JUSTIN CASE were just delivered!

They look great. I love the extras at the back -- getting to see Matt Cordell's sketch evolutions of the characters, and read about his thoughts... (mine are there, too) is such fun.

To celebrate:

I will choose AT RANDOM from somebody who posts here -- you can just put your name, or something you're looking forward to this summer, or something you worry about, or a joke, a haiku, anything you want to post.

You have until two weeks from today (JUNE 24) to post something. The winner will be notified June 25. I will send you a copy from the top of this box, signed and personalized, on June 26!

Post now!

Rachel Vail


  1. A haiku, huh? ;)

    summer vacation
    can't come soon enough--
    no more alarm clocks

  2. The cover looks great! Best of luck with the book.

  3. Hey Rachel! This looks great! I cannot wait to read it and would love a signed copy for my classroom library (my kids would flip!).

    Summer Anticipation Haiku
    by: Mindy Dellinger

    Anxious for Summer,
    becoming "Mrs." to my
    Middle-school sweetheart! <3

  4. Checking my email
    Manuscript out with agents
    Will I get good news?

  5. knock knock
    who's there
    lettuce who?
    lettuce in and I'll tell you!!


  6. Is it June already? My oh my, time flies. Rachel, thanks for the opportunity. Even though I'll be spending the summer before college worrying, sleeping, and writing, I wonder how you're planning to spend your summer. Are you working on any new series?

    ~Deserae McGlothen

  7. I just received a FB friend suggestion from our mutual friend and GU 92 grad JustinM. I clicked on your link and was pleasantly surprised to discover that you wrote the Bombaloo. Your book has come in handy during many a tantrum in our house.



  8. I'd love to get a copy of Justin Case. Today, I've been thinking about dark matter and the Large Hadron Collider.

    Katie Carroll