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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

JUSTIN's Pub Day!

Seems like I should spend the day in a pub for Pub Day, doesn't it? I had that idea, that I should round up some good fun friends and toast to Justin in some cozy pub all afternoon... but I actually have some, well, writing to do, first. Also 117 push-ups and 117 sit-ups, of course.

But I started celebrating this past weekend (that's me dancing with my son, in his cool dude tux)!

Okay, that was an unrelated celebration. Details, details. But I did get my nails polished.

And I am celebrating today, here at home in my sweats and cozy socks (but my nails still polished/only slightly chipped), because today is JUSTIN day! If you read the book and you post a review on BN.com or Amazon.com, please email me and let me know! And thank you SO MUCH to all who have already written to me about buying the book today. You guys rock.

Meanwhile, as promised, here is a Kid Review of the Day:

It’s the beginning of 3rd grade and Justin K. is feeling worried. Worried so much in fact, that a class bully has named him Justin Case. Worried about his new teacher, worried about burglars like Bad Boy, and worried about his 2nd best friend Noah’s extremely large head, which he might be sitting behind!

This is an excellent book about conquering your worries, with funniness along the way. It captures 3rd grade as if it were reality; with bullies, odd friendships, and food that jiggles. I guarantee that after reading this book, you will never hear the words “just in case” the same again.

By Gabe, grade 5

Keep emailing me those reviews and photos of yourself with the book, or just making a worried face! I love them - and will post them!!!

Rachel Vail

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