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Friday, April 2, 2010

And now for some Avery girls news...

GORGEOUS is available starting today for print-disabled readers! My friend Neil just emailed me the following info about it:

Print-disabled readers can now download it as a digital talking book.

Any US citizen who is not able to read print (due to a visual or physical impairment) can get free talking book or braille library service. Materials can be downloaded or delivered via the U.S. mail, and for the audio materials the player is free to borrow for as long as they're a library patron.

If they haven't already, they should go tohttp://www.loc.gov/nls/find.html and find the library that services their area.

Gorgeous will be out in paperback at the end of this month!

Then, on May 25, get ready for Brilliant, the third and final book in the Avery trilogy. I just got this nice review that will appear in Booklist this week:


Vail, Rachel (Author)

Jun 2010. 256 p. HarperTeen, hardcover, $16.99. (9780060890490).

In this concluding volume of the Avery Sisters trilogy, oldest sister Quinn gives her side of her family’s

financial crisis. Sixteen-year-old, type A Quinn is known as the intellectual, responsible one in her family.

But she questions herself when her executive mom is accused of financial impropriety and loses her job,

forcing everyone to tighten their belts. If her perfect mom could mess up, what hope is there for Quinn?

She starts acting more like middle-sister Allison: partying, drinking, and kissing random boys. But it only

makes her feel worse. Can she leave the labels behind and embrace both sides of her personality? Quinn’s

introspective search for self is realistically complex and exceptionally well drawn, and teen readers will

sympathize with her urge to break free of the good-girl box her family has put her in. Like Quinn, this

timely series defies the label of chick lit as Vail sensitively and accurately explores topics of individuality,

social class, and what it means to come of age during a national recession.

— Jennifer Hubert


  1. I'm just so looking forward to reading "Brilliant"! Quinn reminds me pretty much of my own self.



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