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Friday, April 2, 2010

JUSTIN gets a Super Star!!!

JUSTIN CASE: School, Drool, and Other Daily Disasters just got a star!

Here is an excerpt from the starred review that will appear in Kirkus on April 15, 2010:

Vail employs easy, direct language in a rhythm and syntax that captures the essence of a charming, lovable and very believable boy. Readers transitioning to longer fiction will groan, sympathize and laugh out loud in delight. Absolutely marvelous.

Hooray for Justin!

In celebration, here is what today is like for Justin himself, taken from the book:

April 2, Friday

Mom and Dad think we can't hear them when they are fighting but we can.
Elizabeth came into my room way after lights-out when we were supposed to be sleeping and Mom and Dad were going over their papers. They were working on their taxes and they kept not finding the receipt or the bill or the paper they needed.
Elizabeth tiptoed into my room, climbed up my ladder, and scrunched into the bottom corner of my bed. I asked her what was wrong.
She asked, "Why are they fighting?"
I said, "They aren't fighting, really. They are just worried about taxes. It happens every year."
"Taxes?" Elizabeth asked.
"Yeah, I explained, sitting up and feeling very wise. "It's money you have to pay the government so we can have wars and schools and bridges, stuff like that."

"No, Justin," Elizabeth said. "Taxes is the kind of car you take in New York City if you don't have your own car. It is also called a cabbage."

"Well," I said, trying not to laugh at her because of how wise I am, "why would they fight about that?"
"Exactly," Elizabeth said. "Can I have a sleep-over here?"

I let her. I even let her sleep on the Pillow of Honor. (Just her head.)

Hope you have a good day, and that you don't spend it on taxes or cabbages.

Rachel Vail

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  1. Awww, this excerpt was just lovely!
    And congrats on the review ;)



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