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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Justin Scared o' Praise

The fabulous illustrator of JUSTIN CASE, Matt Cordell, pointed out that

Justin is becoming quite the rock star! Not sure he would be comfortable with all of this attention.

So, while his adorable daughter ate her lunch of Elmo Crackers, clementines and yogurt (all without aid of a spoon), Matt doodled Justin, reacting to all the attention he's beginning to get.

And he is so generous he shared it with me, right away. I had to go get my own yogurt, Elmo crackers and clementines however. As will you. (Unless you live next door to Matt. Or me. Then we will share.)

But meanwhile/otherwise, you too can enjoy this not-in-the-book glimpse of the kind of day Justin is having today.

Rachel Vail

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