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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am starting my new blog format -- as promised -- so you can be more involved. What do you think? I am hoping this will make it easier for me to blog more often, and also for you to let me know what you're thinking.

So. What did you do today?


Technical stuff, followed by more technical stuff. We've had the set-up for wireless internet since mid-June, but were we wireless?

Well, kind of.

No wires.

Just not actually, well, connected. So, I have been wireless in the same sense that I was wireless when I was in middle school, back when it was called Junior High School -- unless you count my braces. (Which, please, don't even picture.)

So today I stomped myself back down Broadway to Radio Shack to complain that the darn thing they promised would be completely easy ("you just plug it in") didn't work, and that following the instructions required a cord I didn't seem to have.

The guy in Radio Shack, who had sold me the thing to just plug in, nodded sympathetically and said I needed to buy an ethernet cable. As if, well, obviously I needed an ethernet cable. As if when I had been in there in June, buying the box I just needed to plug in and become wireless, I hadn't asked, "Do I need anything else?" As if he hadn't answered, then, "Nope, you're all set."

So I said to the guy, while paying my $11, "It would've been great if you'd told me I needed an ethernet cable when I bought that box, back in June."

He said, "Yeah. Good point. Maybe that's why people keep returning those things."

Mmm, yeah. Maybe!

But anyway, only a few hours later ("Should take approximately 20 minutes to set up" is meant humorously, I know), here I am, wireless!

Also -- shower-less, dinner-less, yoga-less... but. Wireless.

And with this cool new blog format, so you can add your comments (and suggestions, questions, encouragements... just let's keep it clean, please) right here, right now!

(I am still figuring out how to post pictures here. Have to wait for a free "20 minutes" I guess.)

Rachel Vail

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