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Friday, September 25, 2009

GORGEOUS Friday: the eyebrow disaster

Welcome to a new feature of my blog! In honor of my book GORGEOUS, every Friday I will have a special feature designed to help you be your own most gorgeous self.

In preparation for today's launch of GORGEOUS Friday, I decided to make up my own very excellent eyebrow enhancer. (On the theory that creating beauty is so easy, all you need is confidence and a couple of minutes.)

I knew from both makeup artists and illustrators that eyebrows are incredibly important. (More on this later; maybe I'll do a BRILLIANT Monday feature or something, and share wisdom I steal from really smart/creative people.) I also learned (from makeup artists; illustrators were mum on this part) to use a little eyebrow pencil (VERY little, or you look SO ODD) and some clear stuff called something like eyebrow fix, to brush your eyebrows into place. Whenever the lovely makeup artist named Seven (on whom I based the makeup artist named Seven in my book GORGEOUS) has done my eyebrows, I look so much better. I was chalking it up to the eyebrow fix.

Well, I ran out of the eyebrow fix.

But that was not going to deter me! No way. Because I had this blog to write. Also, I had this new mascara:

It has a primer on one side and mascara on the other. So I thought, the primer is clear. It goes on with a brush that looks just like the brush my eyebrow fixer had. I am going off-label! This is a great day in the history of eyebrows!

I applied the primer to my eyebrows.

I did the rest of my makeup.

I leaned close to admire my awesome new invention.

I recoiled in horror.

It looked like I had developed the worst ever case of eyebrow dandruff ever. It was disgusting. It was, in fact, kind of scary looking. And it was not coming off. I rubbed, I blotted, I dabbed Vaseline on a Q-Tip. To know a Vail.

Finally I had to scrub my entire face and start over. I brushed my eyebrows into place with an old toothbrush and then left them, unfixed, to do what they would do. I looked okay, I think, though maybe a little stressed.


Here is my big tip for this inaugural GORGEOUS Friday: Mascara Primer is not eyebrow fix.

Bonus Tip: Try, at all costs, to avoid eyebrow dandruff.

Rachel Vail