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Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am still figuring out how to post pictures here. So I have just taken a picture of the present I bought myself when I finished working on BRILLIANT, which is the third book in the Avery sisters trilogy -- coming to a bookstore near you this spring, by the way. And here it is, right on top of this post. Right? You see my orchid? Okay, so now I can do 1 picture posts. Tomorrow maybe I will try to go advanced and post more. Or maybe not. Unless you have advice...

Do you know how you are supposed to water an orchid? You are NOT supposed to drown it every two or three weeks when you remember you haven't been watering it at all, it turns out.

You put four ice cubes in it once a week, and they slowly, elegantly, melt their way into the orchid's soil.

So far so good. But only time will tell. I have a feeling 12 ice cubes after a drought will not work, either. I hope I don't test this theory; I really like this orchid.

Oh, and by the way, it turns out you can NOT feed your fish all at once either, to get over with.

Likewise with your kids.

Oh, well, live and learn.

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