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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Sometimes, like today, I think, Holy Crap! Is it hailing in here?

But it's not.

It's just that I have so many balls in the air and I forgot for a second to juggle them. So the balls all fall down on my head.

It's not a terrible thing, especially because the balls are metaphorical, and not as embarrassing as that time last month when I was wandering around lost in New Haven in my pajamas (don't even ask), but it does make me feel a bit discombobulated.

This stage of a book is always a bit odd, for me. Does this happen to you?

At least I didn't slam my own head in a bathroom stall door this time. That really sucks.


  1. Haha! This happens to me in general. I mean, when it comes to life, I should just get "epic fail" stamped onto my forehead. Not that I mind at all. "Failure is always the best way to learn." But that discombobulated feeling is me on a daily basis. I don't know quite how to shake it off except by moving forward. No, there's no guarantee that it won't happen again, but at least I can say from experience that it's a disease we can live with. Eventually, you'll pick the balls up again, and resume the shuffle. We snap out of that dazed thing. Eventually. :)