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Friday, March 30, 2012

I do love Irish slang

came upon this just now: an Irish slang translator.

One of the best things about being a writer (aside from the whole you don't have to wear shoes at work thing, plus making stuff up all day long, and you spend your life playing with sentences) is that looking up things like what does fair play to you (which I heard in the lovely play ONCE last week) mean counts as WORK. It's research.

In case you are a writer/need to do some research of your own/need a procrastination moment/just love words, well, fair play to you. Here you go:

Some Irish slang

Word or phraseExampleMeaning
Acting the maggotHe was just acting the maggot as usualBehaving foolishly, annoyingly
BagsHe made a bags of doing itMessy inadequate job (see hames)
BanjaxedIt was banjaxed beyond all helpBroken, can also mean tired
BoldYou are a very bold boyNaughty
Crack, craicWe had great craic that nightHard to translate, roughly meaning fun
CulchiesThe culchies were all over the placeRural people, usually used disparagingly by city people
Cute hoorI always knew he was a cute hoorUntrustworthy male person, often a politician
DesperateThe place is in a desperate stateBad, needing attention
DrawersHer drawers were the size of CorkKnickers, panties
Eat the head offI'll eat the head off herAttack verbally
EejitYou're a right eejitIdiot, fool
Fair playFair play to youIndicates approval of someone's actions or opinions
FeckFeck off, fecking thing, feck-allPolite(-ish) version of other F word
FellaCome here young fellaMale person, also used for boyfriend
FlittersThe dog left the shirt in flittersTatters
FlutheredHe was fluthered againDrunk
FoosteringJust foostering aboutNot getting much done, fussing
Full shillingHe's not the full shillingMentally competent
GasWe had a bit of gas that dayFun, enjoyment
Giving outThe teacher was always giving out to the classScolding.
GobHe never shuts his gobMouth
GobdawThat fella's a right gobdawFool, idiot
GomYou're just acting the gomFool, idiot
GuffDon't give me any of your guffIdle talk or excuses
GurHe's been on gur since SaturdayStaying away from home, usually a child
HamesYou made a terrible hames of thatMessy inadequate job (see bags)
HeaderKeep away from that headerMentally unstable person
HolliersTwo weeks holliers for meHolidays, vacation time
Holy showYou made a holy show of yourselfSpectacle
HopHe's been on the hop since TuesdayPlaying truant from school
Horse's hoofThat's a bit of a horse's hoof I thinkSpoof, exaggerated story
Hump offWould you ever hump off?Go away, leave me alone
JackeensThe jackeens think they're smartDublin person, usually used disparagingly by culchies
JacksI'm just off to the jacksToilet, restroom
JadedWe're all jaded after itTired, exhausted
KiboshHe put the kibosh on itAdded the last straw, completely banjaxed something
Langered/LangersWe were all langersDrunk
Letting onI was just letting onPretending
Mary HickThat dress is really Mary HickUnfashionable, drab
MessagesI have to get the messagesGroceries
MoochingHe's mooching again for moneySponging, almost begging
MotHave you got a mot?Girlfriend
OneSome oul' one told herFemale person
PicturesWant to come to the pictures?Movies, Cinema
PuckHe got a puck in the gobSharp blow
PussShe'd a right puss on herFace, usually sulky
ReddenerShe took a reddener when she saw himBlush (see Scarlet)
ReefI'll reef him when I see himAttack, non-verbal
ScarletI'm scarlet for youBlushing, often in sympathy with a friend's reddener
ScratcherHe's always in the scratcherBed
ScrawbedHer face was all scrawbedScratched by fingernails
ShookHe was very shook lookingPale, ill, scared
SlaggingI'm only slagging youMaking fun of someone, generally good-naturedly
SleeveenShe's a bit of a sleeveenSly person, calculating
StociousHe was stocious this eveningDrunk
Trish Loughman, Dublin, Ireland © 1997-2006

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