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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today I had to write a speech and also the climactic scene of my book.

So what I did was:

Fixed my garbage disposal.

Oh, yeah. I did. Seriously.

Well, okay. I actually fixed it halfway after I stalked a pair of plumbers on the street and got advice, and then diagnosed the rest of the problem by myself! And then I stopped myself from following the internet instructions on How To Repair An Electrical Outlet. Which was pretty smart and heroic, the stopping part, if I say so myself. I had a screw-driver in one hand and a flashlight in the other. I was ready to rumble. And I resisted, at that last second. That is what I call will-power. Or maturity. Or, maybe, coming to my senses.

But then I got an electrician here pronto to fix the outlet because I read on the internet on the page about How To Repair and Electrical Outlet that my nonfunctional electrical outlet which was under the sink not powering my garbage disposal could cause a fire. So I said actually no I don't think it could wait until tomorrow please come now I would so appreciate it because as much as I love my neighbors I do not want to meet them out on the street tonight in their pajamas.

And, voila! When the electrician -- who had many more tools than I had (just the one screwdriver, plus the flashlight and some packing tape, for me; he had a whole metal box, and a big blue bag full of more clanking stuff including a new/functional electrical outlet) -- when he got the old nonfunctional electrical outlet out, it was hot and smelled like smoke!

And he said it was a fire hazard!

So now I feel like Wonder Woman.

And therefore I am all set to write a climactic scene and a speech.

Sometimes my work thinks I am procrastinating when really what I am doing is preparing.

Rachel Vail

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