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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring? Spring??? also books and desserts.

Yay! Look what I got!
I admit I was a little surprised and confused -- JUSTIN CASE in paperback already? And from Scholastic? But then I realized -- these are for school book fairs and clubs! Yahoo! Coming soon to a school near you? Will you let me know if you see them at your school? Take a picture of yourself (or your child) with a copy and I will send you a free signed bookplate to put inside (good for hardcovers too!) so that your copy is personalized!

So that's my happy news.

On the other hand:
(no, not going to talk about world news. My poli-sci/history nerd girl side will spend all day on THAT... and that... and the humanitarian/mom side of me will spend all day on the other aspects... so, the lighter side of the bad news only for today...)

What happened to spring? We got 1 day of it and then, what? Just kidding? Come on now.

(my driveway in CT.)

By the way, you know what else drives me nuts, in addition to freezing temps AFTER spring is supposed to have started? When people say LOL. If you are saying it, you know, Out Loud, chances are you actually are not Laughing Out Loud. And if you ARE Laughing Out Loud while we are in the room together, I already know so you don't need to say LOL.

Sorry. Rants over.

This is my sons last weekend. When I need cheering up because because winter is overstaying its allotted 3 months (right? 4 seasons, 12 months -- why does winter get 5 or more???) I hang with my guys and watch them throw rocks and sticks into the still-partially frozen lake near our house.

What could be better than that?

Can you tell I am at the end-game of my current book? It's the time when I tend to slam my head in doors and ramble about the weather...

BUT: I am writing fiction like crazy and though you know I want to procrastinate by chatting with you, I will not let myself. (Well, maybe for a minute. But that's all! And only because I got stuff to tell ya!)

I have to get a lot done on my current book (shhh, big news coming, but not yet -- don't want to jinx it) this week before I head out to Denver Colorado this weekend for the Colorado Teen Literature conference. I can't wait! It sounds like so much fun -- they even asked me, mysteriously, what is my favorite dessert.... hmmm.... I shouldn't get my hopes up, right? Probably they were just curious?

What's your favorite dessert? (hard to choose? Or obvious?)

Here's the info, for any of you who will be in the Denver area this weekend -- I hope if you are, you'll come! The other author is Pete Hautman www.petehautman.com

I can't wait to read his books (on the plane on my way there?) -- they sound really good.

So -- back to work. Thinking about desserts, and spring, and boxes full of books. Mmmmm.

How about you?

Rachel Vail

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