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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for today?

My big things are of course my family and friends. My little guy, who's been sick for a while, is on the mend, so I am particularly thankful for that.

Little stuff I'm thankful for:

the pot of tea my husband just made
the good run we just took (despite the cccccold)
the stack of good books beside my bed
that I finally finished eating all the apple pie so there's no more for me to gobble up
that Bruce Springsteen has a new album out for me to get
good food and lots of it later today
the lovely letters and emails I've been getting lately
that nobody pressures me anymore to eat turkey even though it's Thanksgiving
cozy socks

and, here's a fun one:

JUSTIN CASE has been getting some really awesome reviews, including this one which is featured on Book Daily today!

... and is even up for a KIDDO Award. You can vote for it right here (please do!!!!)...


... and, as of this moment, JUSTIN is in the lead! Nobody would b more surprised by that than Justin. Vote Justin for the win! Vote every day! (And tell your friends...)

Finally, I'm thankful for today. It's the only one, ever. Pretty cool. Gonna live the heck out of it.

How about you?

Rachel Vail

PS Let me know if you vote for JUSTIN!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Thanksgiving's day!

    Here we don't celebrate Thanksgivings, obviously, but it is a good day to remember things you're thankful for, which for me today are:
    -dark chocolate
    -hot water and heating after you come home from the cold.

    Congrats on Justin! I voted, hope he gets the prize! :))