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Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Books

I have two new books coming out this spring.

One is BRILLIANT, the third and final book in my Avery sisters trilogy.

The other is JUSTIN CASE: School, Drool, and Other Daily Disasters. I can't wait to show you some of the art for that -- I just saw it Monday and it blew me away. I actually started crying, right there in the middle of my meeting. I couldn't help it. Matthew Cordell, the artist who did the drawings in the book, is a genius -- his work is so full of humor and heart. I feel so lucky to have his art in my book!

And - he promised me I could choose one of the finished pieces. To have. To frame on my wall. How cool? Except I don't know which piece to choose -- the one of Justin's little sister presenting her haiku to the whole school (the word POOP is hovering above her adorable head)? The one with the dad gardening/cursing? One of the many of flummoxed, anxious, adorable Justin himself??? It will be a tough and wonderful choice...

So now, here I sit, all excited for those two books, but trying to write the next one.

A written book is so much easier to deal with than the one that, like a stubborn, over-tired, hungry toddler, refuses to come out from the corner it is tantrumming in and just present itself to me already.

Do you prefer reading or writing?

For me, there's no contest. Reading wins absolutely.

The problem? That feeling I get, when I'm writing and I get it. When the story clicks and I can speak true and clear in a voice that's not mine but the character's -- when a good sentence appears on my screen and it could only have come from the mouth or mind of my character...

It's an addiction.

My only addiction, other than the Visine problem, which I fight valiently, nerdily, all the time...

But it keeps me in the chair.

How about you? What keeps you going through the rough spots?

Rachel Vail

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