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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weird rules

I've been thinking about the weird rules my family has made.


Don't be weird in somebody else's face.

Plums are not one-bite food.

Don't ask for poster board after 7 PM.

No screaming unless you are actually on fire.

Don't comment on other people's food choices.


No dessert before dinner except sometimes.

What are your family's weirdest (or most important) rules?

My cousin Meredith uses, Yogurt is not finger food. Other good ones I've gotten from friends on facebook include: teeth are not tools; no farting on Mommy's lap; No Barney; no more licking your shoes.

All excellent suggestions I am planning to implement before it's too late.

There is an excellent piece of art, part of a collection you might want to look into if you're into such things, at Meredith's blog. Also a hilarious video series.

Oh, I should add around here we also have: no mixed metaphors. And one space after a period, and YES, the Oxford comma. Obviously. Also, You are not allowed to begin a sentence with Mommy how do you spell... (because I CAN'T SPELL. There, the truth is out.)

And: wouldn't this make a fun picture book? What would be the title?

Prizes for good suggestions on both counts...

Rachel Vail

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