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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

sometimes it goes like this

I've been in a weird shaky mood all day after waking up this morning from a very vivid and shaming dream partially about being dumped by my friends. I was literally shaking much of the day, my guts in a twist like saltwater taffy on a stick which made working on my book impossible, which made me feel even worse about myself. Only just now after forcing myself to at least write down the dream in detail (in hopes of getting it out of my system so I could start WRITING) and seeing that I'd called myself a nickname I never used for myself before did I realize the dream belonged to one of my characters; it was her life and her abandonment/shunning/shame I'd been seeing in my mind's eye -- and now here I sit crying her tears, reeling from her pain, not yet able to feel relieved that maybe I just found my book.


  1. Hi, completely unrelated to your post, but I just finished reading your book Kiss Me Again, and I thought it was AMAZING. I've been wanting a book like this for so long... and you pulled it off flawlessly. Thank you so much, you made a late night migraine episode bearable. :)

    1. SO happy to hear this (except the part with the migraine). Thank you!

  2. Okay I read both kiss books and dying to know if you will keep Kevin and Charlie alive I've never read 2 books in two days I couldn't stop reading please tell me there will be more I mean they are only in 9th grade so a few more years of school please tell me I'm hooked