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Friday, September 7, 2012

Sir. Please.

Just read this nugget on Huffington Post:

Girl's got some spunk.
Newly minted Democratic star Sandra Fluke shared a moment with former President Bill Clinton backstage at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night.
According to the Washington Post, Clinton requested to meet Fluke after she finished her prime-time speech.
He reportedly praised her for doing a great job and then confided that he was nervous about his own speech. Fluke's response? "Sir. Please."
Clinton went on to give a 48-minute speech, in which he offered a full-throated defense of President Barack Obama's record.
No signs of nervousness from the former president were evident.

I love that. Love Sandra Fluke even more now -- cool under pressure, honest, forthright, right. Excellent. That is gonna be my new go-to phrase. Sir. Please.

Rachel Vail

I am WORKING. Seriously. I just got distracted for a minute. By the INTERNET. Does that happen to other people?

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