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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Just looked up from my manuscript and saw it was 11:11. In my first book, that was the narrator's favorite time. I later learned she was not unique in that, and that people make wishes when they see that time pop up.

Gotta figure that's a relatively new thing, since for example my grandfather never would have thought of the time being 11:11. He'd see, on his analog watch or Grandfather clock, that time as "ten past eleven" or maybe "not yet lunch."

My small wish for today (you know, wouldn't want to waste a big wish, if something were available, on something less than, like, world peace or universal literacy or civility between/among all or cures for diseases or that my kids will lead long happy productive healthy extraordinary lives -- but if only small wishes can be grated for the coincidence of spotting a digital clock on my stove at a particular minute:

Please let this manuscript be good, funny, compelling, and meaningful.

Because I have to send it to my editor on Monday, and, as the clock would say if it weren't digital: tick tock tick tock.

What do you (small) wish?

Rachel Vail

1 comment:

  1. My clock says 11:01 (so I'm sure I'm cheating), but my small wish is that I'll pass Hebrew this quarter. I'll take the C-! That's okay!