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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I love about summer

How was your holiday weekend?

Mine was great, except that my older son went away to camp and I miss him terribly already.

But other than that it was a pretty wonderful weekend.
I went with my husband and younger son up to CT, where the rivers are flowing full and the overabundance of shades of green put Benjamin Moore to shame.

We went to a concert/picnic Saturday night. Nothing says summer like a Jimmy Buffet cover band and a cold beer on a blanket with people you love, as the sun sets...

Except maybe a boat dock. What is it about being on a boat that brings out the most mellow side of me? Somehow the world feels soothed.
Back to work, now. Trying to keep that mellow feeling but still be productive! I have a book to write...

What did you do over the weekend?

Rachel Vail


  1. Not mellow! In fact, it was full-on tumult and my house looked like a world war was fought inside. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Kids plus their kids here plus the usual suspects from Westover Road. Love it. It was mellow when everyone left though. LOL.

  2. Writing. Eating. Breathing. Sleeping.

    And sometimes, I still can't remember the day wasting away. That's what I love about summer. Seeimingly infinite days.

  3. I want your weekend, Rachel! I went to a friend's 4th party and watched my beautiful baby girl (okay, so she's 15 now, she's still my baby) interact...very closely...with her boyfriend. Young love. Hopefully I"m not going to have to put an r on that last word any time soon.