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Monday, April 25, 2011


(photo credit -- Sarah Ross. I so love this picture and so want it as the cover of one of my books... don't you think that would be great?)

Today I am going to send in my new manuscript, marked "first draft" (hahahahaha) to my editor.

As a celebration, I am going to:

1. take a long walk, even if it is raining

2. either go to yoga class or do the (less fun, more convenient) yoga class on my iTunes

3. go to Meg Cabot's book club, where they are discussing my book Brilliant!

4. what else?

If you have questions -- about Brilliant or other books -- or about anything -- I will try to answer them. If you have answers, that could be interesting, too. Or comments, thoughts, suggestions -- on any topic -- please send them in. Should I get my hair cut? Bangs? What should one do when she has just sent in a manuscript in addition to a yoga class? Should I get some new pet fish? (More on my diva fish and his operatic death scenes soon.) Are you, like the members of the MC book club, wondering who the screwdriver guy is -- or do you KNOW? Do you have writing questions, reading questions, life questions?


Ask away.

Rachel Vail

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