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Friday, February 18, 2011

A poem for today

Writing Day

My word count is less than I started today with

but I’ll not admit defeat

though I orchestrate harmonies characters play with

my favorite key is delete


Rachel Vail


  1. Hi Rachel Vail!
    I am a student doign a school project! and I have to wirte a biography about you!!!
    and I was wondering if we could keep in touch via e-mail so that I can keep on communicating baotu my project!
    In additoin to the biographies whichare due tommorow, I have to due some author investigation assignments!
    Please e-mail me bakc at xoxocandybomb@gmail.com
    K. Kim

  2. hello :)
    It is me again, I am focusign sepcifically on your book, LUCKY! <3
    i love the gorgeous, brilliant, and lucky "series"!!
    What inspire you to become an author?
    What awards have you won?
    What are things that influenced yoru writing?
    Sorry to be postign so early..
    I just moved to south korea, so its 7:11 here!!! :)
    Thanks a million,
    K. Kim