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Friday, October 22, 2010

Great Teachers

I'm about to head out to DC for the weekend, for a celebration of my college mentor, Doc Murphy. I'll be on a panel at Georgetown University on Saturday, along with a few other people who were influenced by this joyous and brilliant man. He has been a professor of Theater at Georgetown, and the President of the National Theater, for a very long time and now, having just turned 80, is planning his next adventures.

I'm really excited to talk about how Doc Murphy changed everything for me -- he made writing possible, and fun. He taught me the joy and necessity of rewriting, and that the writer's job is to ASTONISH the reader. And so much more. Every day I continue to learn from him, as his advice ricochets around my writing brain.

Did you ever have a teacher like that? One who believed in you and pushed you farther? One whose lessons continue to enlighten you long after you leave the classroom? Who was it? It feels so good to give great teachers a shout out. Let's let them know. I'll start, and will add more names of my great teachers this week.

For today: Thanks, Doc Murphy!

Your turn...


Rachel Vail

1 comment:

  1. Inspirational teachers are a gem for people who like learning, and are actually a good thing to the whole class!

    I can recall several examples... My English teacher at high school (whom encouraged me to study English at university), my Geography teacher and my Spanish and Literature teachers were pretty good, too. You had to work hard, but I learned a lot, not only about their subject, but about life in general.

    In my short experience at university (a year and a few months) I've also had some great, encouraging teachers. They love what they teach and they love teaching. And that makes a difference.

    So, I thank all of them!