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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Avery Girls QUIZ!

Are you most like Phoebe, or Allison, or Quinn? You might be surprised... I was.

Take the quiz at the link below -- and post your result in the "comments"section for a chance at a free signed book... from the POV of the character who is your soul mate, of course!

Winners will be selected at random next week... at which point I'll divulge which girl is most like me, apparently.

Here's the quiz!


  1. Tres interesting! I got a score of 25 which, apparently makes me:

    "Rebel Without a Cause. You're independent and have a restless spirit that keeps you on the move. You speak your mind, you're a great friend, and you're loyal to your friends and family. You feel things deeply, which can make you a little vulnerable so you have a tendency to put up a wall between yourself and others to keep from getting hurt. You have incredible style and are fearless when it comes to changing up your look or making a bold fashion statement. You're coming into your own and, without even realizing it, you radiate confidence: That makes you truly gorgeous.

    You are most like Allison Avery, the middle sister. Tired of being the "interesting-looking" sister, Allison sells her cell phone to the devil in exchange for beauty. Suddenly, her crush is pining for her, she's chosen as finalist in a teen modeling contest, and she has a new best friend. Does everyone want her for who she is or for how she looks?"

    Although I never thought of myself as the type of gal who had friends who lurved her looks, it makes me laugh at how accurately pinned the explanation of "me" is. Or, at least, how accurate I think it is. lol! That was one of the funnest quiz I've taken! I've got to get on the Avery girl bandwagon.

    Can't wait for you to reveal your Avery-girlness!

    ~Scilla Fredericks

  2. Hey Rachel! This is the character I am most like!

    "Sweet and Sensitive. Bubbly and outgoing, you have a kind heart and a smile for everyone. You're a hub for information and are always clued in to the latest trends. You hate to see anyone upset and are usually the peacemaker whenever people are at odds. Sometimes your willingness to please others makes it hard for you to stand up for yourself, but you have an inner strength so don't underestimate yourself. Things always seem to work out for you, and some people say it's because you were born lucky. But really, what goes around comes around, and with all the positive karma you're spreading, you’re bound to get some back!

    You are most like Phoebe Avery, the youngest of the three sisters. She's planning a huge party with her friends to celebrate their eighth-grade graduation. When her mom loses her job, Phoebe tries to keep it a secret and it looks like she'll have to bail on the party…which causes major friction with her friends. But it's funny how your oldest pals still have ways of surprising you."

  3. I'm most like Quinn, although I'm not surprised. My friends probably think I'm all uptight, too.