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Friday, November 20, 2009

How I Write After a Long Day Writing

Here's what I discovered, again, just now:

Speed writing is good for fiction but bad for shoulder muscles.

Anybody trying to do NaNoWriMo? Not me. A month? Hahahaha. I scoff in the general direction of a month for a novel.

I generally try to write my whole novel in a day.

(It doesn't work.)

But today, maybe, I got something done (four pages) that I will eventually be able to edit the hell out of and, if I am lucky and rigorous, come up with something worth working on.

So tonight, assuming I can detach my shoulders from my earlobes, I will celebrate that awesome achievement.

By going to see a high school production of Romeo & Juliet.

Speaking of which, did you know that the oaf in Congress was actually quoting Shakespeare when he shouted "You lie!" while the President was giving a speech????

Yup, Romeo and Juliet. Not even kidding. But I have learned through hard life lessons that there is a right time and a wrong time to shout out Shakespearean quotes. Sadly, it turns out, most situations are not the right times for it. You generally, at best, freak people out whenever you shout Shakespeare quotes, whether you are a Congressman sitting in that august chamber or just an undercaffeinated writer waiting in an absurdly long line at Starbucks. (For instance.)

Can you, actually, think of a right time to shout out a Shakespearean quote?

Correct answers win a prize of a virtual cow.


Rachel Vail

PS So does anyone who knows what book a virtual cow comes from.

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